Make an unusual hanging planter!

A glass lamp shade can be just the right size for a charming hanging planter and has drainage already built in. Here we have started with a 9½-in. diameter glass lamp shade. Here’s how to modify it to get this look:

A – Spray paint the inside of the glass lamp shade if you don’t want to see the potting mix. Carefully plant to avoid scratching it. You’ll need to repaint every year.

B – Hang the basket with chain by the foot. Attach at the top with an S-hook.

C – Attach the chain to split rings in two sizes and colors from the craft store.

D – Form the base with a canning jar lid with holes punched in it for the split rings.

E – Place a paper coffee filter or piece of wire mesh in the bottom to keep soil from spilling out.

Colorful hanging
planter flowers

Firecracker flower is a tropical plant that likes the heat. If the pansies start to fade in hot weather, you could replace them with purple verbenas (Verbena hybrids). Give these plants full to part sun.

AFirecracker flowerCrossandra infundibuliformis ‘Orange Marmalade’

BPansyViola x wittrockiana Matrix™ Purple

CCreeping JennyLysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’

Container Recipe

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