Colorful windowboxes

The eye-popping windowboxes in front of this window couldn’t be more low-maintenance. These are plants that love the sun and don’t need a lot of feeding or deadheading. If your potting mix has a slow-release plant food mixed in, that will be just fine for this group. The celosia and zinnia flowers will last for weeks before you need to deadhead them. Remove the spent blooms and the side stems will grow to take their place

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planting plan

Grow these colorful plants in full sun and water when soil feels dry. Each of the two windowboxes is 40 in. long × 12 in. wide.

ACelosia Celosia argentea cristata (Plumosa Group) ‘Kimono Cherry Red’

BCelosia Celosia argentea cristata (Plumosa Group) ‘Kimono Yellow’

CCroton Codiaeum variegatum pictum ‘Petra’

DZinnia Zinnia elegans Magellan™ Orange

ECelosia Celosia argentea cristata (Plumosa Group) Dragon’s Breath™

FSweet potato vine Ipomoea batatas ‘Margarita’ Container Recipe

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