Dark and light

Want to give girlie pink a modern, edgy look? Pair it with burgundy and gray! Deep burgundy complements pastel pink while giving the planting a strong, bold look. Combined in a whitewashed gray pot, this planting makes ultra-feminine pink look modern!

Fuchsia looks great in the spring, but often fades with summer’s heat. Leave it in — the flowers should return in fall, and with the summer-blooming begonia, impatiens and princess flower, this pot will still have plenty of blooms. Iresine and Joseph’s coat will both take off in the summer — if they start to get unruly, it’s OK to pinch them back.

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Container recipe

This combo planted in a 15-in.-diameter container thrives in full sun to part shade. Water when soil feels dry.

AIresineIresine herbstii ‘Purple Lady’

BImpatiensImpatiens Dazzler® Blush

CBridal veil begoniaBegonia ‘Withlacoochee’

DPrincess flowerCentradenia grandifolia

EBlack varnish plantPseuderanthemum carruthersii atropurpureum ‘Rubrum’

FJoseph’s coatAlternanthera dentata ‘Purple Knight’

GFuchsiaFuchsia hybrid

Container Recipe

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