spring beds

Create eye-catching curb appeal that’s especially breathtaking in spring.

Here, it all starts with the design of the beds. The style of the house was a major factor when it came to their shape — the soft curvaceous lines echo the archways in the background.

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For the most harmony and consistency in the overall look of the garden, the home’s construction materials are repeated in the hardscaping. Brick edging outlines the beds, and stone is set in throughout the front yard.

Get a closer look at the steppers in the photo below. They provide definition and crisp contrast to a carpet of low-growing ground covers. Along with brick edging, the tucked-in stones play a big part in creating this garden’s classic, romantic style. They also work just as well when it’s time to step into the bed.


Ensure spring-blooming bulbs, like tulips (Tulipa spp. and hybrids), really stand out by choosing blooms that contrast with their background.

Here, the light-colored tulips and ruffled chartreuse foliage of golden feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) that you see at left and below are naturally set apart from this dark-colored home.

In front of a house that’s a lighter shade, or for a spot along a white fence or beside a white arbor, deep purple, rich red and vibrant orange cultivars would be striking choices.


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